avazzia 202

Paisley Rae


Dr. Rick & staff,
Thank-you for all your help with Paisley. Everyone was so nice and made us feel completely at ease. Paisley is doing very well! We are even able to breastfeed with no pain!
Thank you again!

The Harn Family

February 13,2014

Lower back and hip pain had me contacting Dr. Rick Smith at Smith Chiropractic. After an evaluation, Dr. Rick and his staff started giving me my life back with less pain. I was able to purchase an Avazzia home unit to continue therapy between visits. A referral to another doctor was necessary due to the deterioration of my hip. With both doctors working together, I will feel like a new person soon.

Jacqualine "Sue" McElhaney

October 5,2013

Dear Dr. Rick,
Since I have returned from my summer vacation I have wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thankful & grateful I am to you for the 21 treatments you gave me and for the special staff you have. They were so gracious & capable.

Up to now & during my 6 week visit in New York State to spend time with my family, my back has remained stable and no sciatic pain. Your adjustments have beeen so effective and have enable me to lie flat or on either side with no pain.My back will continue to be tender, sore, and sometimes ache with physical exertion but I can tolerate that. I feel that exercising & moving it is helping me to maintain a good quality of life.

Finding your chiropractic care has returned me to an active life. I golfed twice up noth, and several times since getting back on August 29th. The dances will soon be back when all the snowbirds return. Thanks to you, I plan on participating in all of them. Again, I thank you for your warth & expertise in treating me.

Love ,
Freda Franz


At this time of year we all seem to contemplate our blessings and I wish to express my gratitude to all of you. From the first day I walked through your office door, I have been treated with the utmost respect and care. Without an appointment, in extreme pain, barely walking, I was shown how all of you treat patients as people, not numbers. The receptionist at that time saw the pain I was in and immediately assured me that I would beseen in a timely manner. Another saw to getting the particulars taken care of with my insurance-and at that time it was not that great. They proceeded in getting my financial situation straight for me with the greatest sensitivity. Thank you.

Dr. Rick, you must have the magic touch when selecting associates. You and your staff have not only helped me with my back and leg pain, but made me feel part of your team-family! Thank you all for the wonderful jobs you do, but also for the people you are.
Dr. Rick, listen and took the time to speak with me about any concerns for changes that I may be having. I have seen this conscientious behavior with your other patients, believe me they appreciate it as much as I do. Observing you with other patients and your staff has shown me not only the type of doctor you are, but the type of person you are as well. You are an honorable, caring man and this would show through in any endeavor you strive for. Thank you.

Brandy, in the beginning of my treatment your smiling face and sensitive care was always appreciated. You took the time to explain each procedure and its benefits. Even though I am no longer taking advantage of any the therapy procedures you oversee, I still enjoy our short chats and your effervescent demeanor. Thank you.

Janna-insure those miraculous therapeutic hands! You have rejuvenated me each and every time I have seen you as a client. It is such a pleasure to receive from you, not only massage, but from you yourself. Thank you.

All of you are wonderful! I sing your praises to any and everyone. The words I use ring true now and I'm sure for all time. "If you wish to receive the best chiropractic care in the area or anywhere youmust seek our the extraordinary team at Smith Chiropractic!"


Susan Blakely